Friday, July 21, 2006

Fedex in Romania to be Avoided

I had to send a small package abroad and I decided to use Fedex. I quickly reached the Fedex Romania page and after trying to no avail to get through to about 3 of the listed phone numbers, someone finally picked up the phone. According that web page, the phone numbers are for International Romexpress Service Ltd. So I give them my contact details so that they would come and pick up the package.

So far so good. But when a guy comes for my package, I found out he was not from International Romexpress Service Ltd, but form Fan Courier Express.

Ok I say, I don't care too much about that. I only want my package delivered asap and nothing else. Thus I give the courier guy my package and get an 8-digits long tracking number AWB (Air Way Bill). That number looked surprisingly short compared to the last fedex tracking number I had seen which had 12 digits.

Thereafter I lookup up the AWB number on the fedex website to be told that the tracking number doesn't exist. Ok I say, perhaps it's only valid on I try to look it up there, but I get a similar message. So I though that it might take some time until the two databases get updates.

The next day I lookup up the AWB, again to no avail. So I decided it's time to call up the customer services representative. Well, on the phone I was told that my order is this and that, and I wasn't explained why the look up facility on their website doesn't work.

Of course I subsequently asked for the Fedex tracking number, as Fancourier seems too dodgy so it's probably not worth arguing too much about their web site not working as it should. But I was told that they don't have the Fedex tracking number "yet", but it should become available later on.

Well I say, by what means are you gonna advise me of the Fedex tracking number once it becomes available ? Email ? Phone ? So the customer representative starts mumbling something about that not being possible, and that I should "try" again in 3 (three!) days to see if it has become available or not.

So one day after I sent the package I haven't got any usable tracking number, and there are no prospects I might get one in the next 2 days either.

The reason why I chose Fedex and thus pay about 10 (ten) times the cost of the same service provided by the Romanian Post Office was the tracking number itself. It's easy to guess I won't be doing that any time soon.

I recently had a lousy experience receiving a Fedex package in Romania, when the courier guy called me up saying that he had problems delivering the package, when he had actually never tried to do so.

My recommendations:

1. don't send packages through Fedex from Romania
2. if possible, avoid receiving packages through Fedex in Romania